central laundry consultant for Atlantis Sanya Theme Park

central laundry room area 2500 square meters

5 years

The project has a daily output of 24 tons of linen. It is designed to use a washer tunnel solution to save operating costs but the use of large equipment is restricted by the site condition.

During the design process, it was decided through communication between various professionals to avoid overhead pipelines and not use suspended ceilings for large equipment. This not only ensures the cleanliness of the public area, but also ensures the placement of washing tunnel and overhead maintenance space.

There is a height difference of nearly one meter between the uniform room and back of house corridor.

Our designers worked with civil engineering and electrical engineering and optimized zoning routes to design a clothes pick-up and distribution window in the high area, and a tilted electric clothes rack in the low area, which met the usage needs. It also meets the need for hanging clothes in low areas and solves the problem of height difference.

atlantis laundry
atlantis laundry
atlantis laundry
atlantis laundry
atlantis laundry
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